Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Smart Phone

So I am thinking about finally upgrading my phone.  I have had 5 phones in my life, starting with a prepaid phone in high school. 

I have never had a high tech phone.  I have never even had a phone with a camera.  Nor have I ever wanted one.   I have always wanted just a simple phone that I can make calls on and text.  And it took me a bout a year to even get into texting.  That actually didn't happen till I started talking to my boyfriend, before we were actually dating but that is besides the point here.

The point is it has been 7 years since I got my first cell phone and I really need to upgrade.  I want to stay up with technology and hopefully get a career in the digital field so learning how to be digital and connected is important.  What easier place to start than with my cell phone.  It is something I use on a daily basis already. 

I want to get a smart phone.  Currently I need to save up to buy a new phone but I think I am ready.  I even think I am going to go ahead and get one with a 4G network and  face time capability.  If I am going to do it why not do it big. 

I like the iPhone, my sister has had one since the very start, and I do mean day 1.  I have learned to use one a little from messing with hers but I am still no pro.  Unfortunately iPhones are a bit out of my current budget.  I already have Metro and can upgrade my phone without really changing my phone bill so that is what I think I shall do. 

I'm a bit nervous but I think once I make the change I will learn and adapt quickly.  Everyone has to start somewhere and I think this will be it for me. 

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